Are there taxis to The Schneider Hotel

No, The Schneider Hotel is a ski-in ski-out hotel so the access road is covered in snow during winter. The closest drop off and pick up point for taxis is at The Craft Room. Ask your taxi driver to go to "Otaki Hotel." The back entrance to the Craft Room is right across the street.

What is the latest I can arrive the Craft Room to get a Snow Shuttle up to the Hotel?

The last Snow Shuttle leaves The Craft Room at 10:15 p.m. If you cannot arrive before 10:15 p.m. we suggest booking a night in Tokyo and coming up the next day.

Is it possible to arrange a late night pick-up? 

We highly discourage late night pickups and only offer them if there is an emergency of some kind. There is an extra fee of 5,000 yen for late night pickups to cover staff costs for drivers. Note that The Craft Room closes at 11pm so there is no place to wait for the snow shuttle if you do arrive late.

If I come by car, is there parking? 

The Schneider Hotel is a ski-in ski-out property so it is not possible to drive to the hotel. There are several parking areas in Nozawa Onsen Village. The ski resort Parking 2 and Parking 3 areas are available for overnight parking (Parking 1 is only available for day-time parking while skiing). The Shinden undercover parking area is also a great place to park if you want to avoid digging your car out of the snow when you leave. Drivers can drop off passengers and baggage at The Craft Room and then park.


How can we get down to the village?

During the day there are several ways to get down to the village. The free Shinyu Pair Lift (8:30 - 16:30) is just a short walk from the hotel that takes you down to the lower village near all the central shopping and restaurants and also a short walk to the bus stop. The free Naski Snowmobile Taxi (8:30 - 16:30) does laps from the Kids Park at Hikage Station to Nagasaka Station (just in front of The Craft Room). In the evening the hotel runs our complimentary Schneider Snow Van Shuttle from the hotel to The Craft Room.

If the Snow Van Shuttle is full how long will I have to wait?

If our Snow Van Shuttle is full you may have to wait approximately 20-30 minutes for it to return. Driving in extreme weather conditions can be dangerous so we exercise caution for the safety of our passengers.

Is it possible to walk to the village from the hotel?

Yes, it takes about 15 minutes to walk down to the edge of the village over snow. There is a free hot spring about 8-10 minutes from the hotel (Taki-no-Yu) and then it is about another 5-7 minutes down to Ogama (the main cooking onsen). If you are down in the lower village, or in heavy snow it could take longer.


If I buy a 5-day lift ticket package do they have to be used consecutively if I am staying for a week?

No, the great thing about the lift ticket packages (other than the discounts) is that you do not need to use them consecutively. If you buy a 5-day pack you can take a break any day you like. You rip off one voucher for every day you want to ski. Note that packs cannot be refunded or returned so you do need to use them all.


Are your lesson prices per person or for the group? 

We only offer private ski and snowboard lessons. Lesson pricing is for the session and there can be up to 4 people in the lesson as long as they are the same level. If you would like a group lesson then we do suggest booking at the Nozawa Onsen Resort Ski School.