All of our comfortably Japanese rooms have shared bathrooms on the same floor and the private showers are near the men’s and women’s Japanese baths.

Bunk Room (2-Person)

Bottom Queen / Top Single

Sleeps 2-3

Japanese Room (Small)

Queen or Twin Beds

Sleeps 2

Japanese Room (Large)

Queen or Twin + 4 Bunk Beds

Sleeps 6

Bunk Room (4-Person)

Four Single Beds

Sleeps 4

Japanese Room (Standard)

Queen or Twin + 2 Bunk Beds

Sleeps 3-4

Japanese Family Room

Queen or Twin + 2-3 Futons

Sleeps 4-5


Our Japanese Family Room is great for families with small children that need a place to prepare meals. The room has a kitchenette and small refrigerator for cooking simple meals for small kids. There is a tatami room with twin or queen bed and a separate small sleeping room that can sleep three small kids or two older kids comfortably on Japanese-style futons. The room also comes with its own shower and washing machine with built-in dryer. Bathroom facilities are on the same floor.


Our Japanese rooms also all have views of the slopes and feature comfortable Japanese tatami floors. Guests sleep on low mattresses on the floor while kids sleep on built-in bunk beds. The rooms sleep a family of three or four comfortably, the lower bunk has less head room so better for smaller kids or used for extra storage if not needed.


Our three Bunk Rooms are on 2F next to the Base Camp Bar. They are great for groups of friends or older kids that can supervise themselves.
The smallest room has two bunks, while the other two rooms have four bunks in each room.